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Before We All Go To Pieces

Album art for A Northern Chorus' re-release of "Before We All Go To Pieces" on Black Mountain. We had originaly started on this idea for a Hot Cross 7" but was abandoned. I think it's very fitting for this record. Can't wait for it!

Cover - Back/Front

Outside tray


Disc face


2r Posters


Wet On Wet (Plus Fucking Neon Yellow)

Album cover booklet design for Jon Epworth & the Improvements. The yellow is actually neon(Stings to look at). Killer Record. We love this man...hard!

Back/Front cover

pg. 2/3

Pg. 4/5

Pg. 6/7

Pg. 8/9

Pg. 10/11

Outside tray

Inside tray



Unbearable Art

This is a design we did for the Wearable Art Show that was turned down.
Not sexy enough.


Jon McKiel - Little Animals And Wreaths and Stuff.

Album cover design for Jon Mckiel.




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