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Paul made this poster for a memorial concert for our friend, artist/animator Helen Hill who was murdered in her New Orleans home early January. The proceeds of this show will go to benefit Helen's husband Paul Gailiunas and their little boy Francis Pop. The pig at the bottom is their pet potbellied pig, Rosie. Lots, and lots of love from YoRodeo to Paul and Francis. xo.

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Merry Xmas from YoRodeo

Paul printed on these little moleskine books and gave them to friends and family. It was the first try with the Print Gocco, which we gotta say, is fucking awesome! The colours ended up looking a little more rasta than anticipated... but still. Merry new year buddies!

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Demo Raisens: 2001-2006

Seth made some 'Demo' lifetime acheivement award pillows for christmas to honor the ferrets legacy as one of the founding fathers of YoRodeo. He really helped. Rest in peace the cuddliest guy we ever met.



Mardeen shoots rain out of their tear-filled eyes.

Artwork for an upcoming EP by Mardeen. Simple, two-sided card with the disc, in a plastic sleeve - nice. The pattern on the front makes the white text look almost fuzzy - which is cool. Woodgrain water is another plus. Blasting raindrops like laserbeams = JEALOUS!!!

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disc face - hopefully it'll match the inserts properly.



For the Birds

Did this poster up for Jason "Songs: Ohia" Molina, and it turned out pretty nicely. Seth's always getting mad at me for using those birds over and over. But I keep doing it by accident. For real. Anyway, the show's gonna rule. So go.



Standing In The Shadows of Yotown

We're really excited about this art print we made to sell at the Pop Explosion Zine Fair. 20" x 26", 3-color with Rainbow fillz. We have about 15 left for 20 bones a piece. Good stocking stuffer.



Tiny Cities

Seth's band Dog Day is going on a little trip with some friends. The first date is in Somerville MA, at The Abbey Lounge as a part of NEMO Music Festival. This is also where Yo Rodeo will be having a Rock Poster Show. Rock with us.

What Up!



Death by Knives


The Stolen Minks new record goes silver!





Use Your Powerz


Bird Breath for Bears T-Shirt



7inch Sleeves for Sharp Like Knives

These are the sleeves for the new Sharp Like Knives 7inch record that should be out within 2 weeks. All colours printed on hot flourescent orange paper, so anywhere you see orange - that's neon. The best part is opening it up and it pretty much glows at you. You can listen to one of the tracks in the media section here.

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Front and back covers

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Inside panels



Sharp Like Windom Earle

Merch poster for Sharp Like Knives and Windom Earle summer tour 2006. Screenprinted.
Reversable, suckers.

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Sharp Like Knives is winning!

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Windom Earle is winning!

Check out the tour info here.


Prints for Show at Studio 21, Halifax

Paul made these 5 screenprints for a group printmaking show at Studio21, Halifax - with James Kirkpatrick, and Tom Hammick. The yellow noodles are secrets and so are the green spills. All the prints are 22x30 inches on manilla coloured paper. Word.

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Little Birds - I

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Little Birds - II

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Little Birds - III

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Little Birds - IV

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Little Birds - V



Seth Beat me Up For Using His Drippies

This was a poster made for the Canadian Federation of Students in order to encourage students to vote. Because, you know - tuition's expensive. And some parties like it that way. (most of them) Apparently someone at Saint Mary's said that these looked awesome because they "look like Urban Outfitters tshirts". Great. Thanks.



T-Shirt for Two Hours Traffic



Correct Dates Are For Sissies



Youth Club Poster Feat. Cuddling Polars.

Go See Museum Pieces on tour.



Prints for Show at One World Cafe

Seth made these things for his One World Art Show - BIRDFACE KILLAH: They're all 5 color, 8 x 10 - buy one here.



Before We All Go To Pieces

Album art for A Northern Chorus' re-release of "Before We All Go To Pieces" on Black Mountain. We had originaly started on this idea for a Hot Cross 7" but was abandoned. I think it's very fitting for this record. Can't wait for it!

Cover - Back/Front

Outside tray


Disc face


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